Kindly visit the recognized type of the licenses while the associated FAQ

11th March, 2022 ( Friday )

Kindly visit the recognized type of the licenses while the associated FAQ

However, we recognize that this unofficial translation may help consumers and makers not really acquainted with English in order to comprehend the SIL OFL best and also make they much easier to incorporate and launch font people under this collective font build unit. We inspire developers who think about delivering their particular production beneath the OFL to read through the FAQ in their own personal vocabulary in case it is offered. “

2) Keep your unofficial interpretation latest boost they at our request if required, for instance, if there’s any ambiguity which may cause misunderstandings.

If you begin this type of a unofficial interpretation effort from the OFL and its own associated FAQ kindly let us know, thank you so much.

Using the OFL

It is simple and easy to utilize the OFL for your own personal font job. In case you are the copyright laws holder you simply have to do the following:


2009-04-06 – OFL thought to be conforming using the OSD (start Source meaning) by OSI board and put on their selection of approved permits.

2006-03-18 – A minor modification of OFL inserted the overview stage. OFL-1.1-review1 was with OFL-1.1-review2 a few months later on.

Neighborhood assessment

Between the OFL was at a community overview period, with efforts supposed towards type 1.1. We selected many reviewers we considered had been the relevant specialists and tried their unique input. We provided our draft for evaluation and obtained very informative comments.

The analysis course is over and though we feeling variation 1.1 will probably meet the needs for open font licensing for quite some time, we stay available to neighborhood feedback. Be sure to e mail us with your questions and pointers.

Numerous font-related BoFs (Birds of a Feather conferences) have chosen to take place at FLOSS seminar (like Libre photos appointment, Ubuntu Summit, GUAong rest) to discuss what would be required to boost the font landscape. One essential facet had been appropriate licensing of this fonts, freedom in order to maintain and branch fonts without splitting rendering, interoperability across distributions, as well as the concept of a core group of fonts with respected glyph top quality, sufficient Unicode coverage and good community-recognized licenses. The OFL might recognized by lots of contributors to those debate as a good solution for those problem.

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